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Hanseatic Bedding Products, Inc. and the RIBECO Group of Companies are environmental leaders. We have been the first to introduce water recycling and biodegradable detergents in the late 1980s. We continue to invest into green and energy saving technologies, such as triple energy saving windows. HBP is the first bedding manufacturer in the world to introduce energy efficient lighting throughout its facilities. 


Our products are relying 100% on natural and sustainable resources. 100% natural cotton, 100% natural down and feather, and 100% recycled poly fibers - you cannot get any more sustainable than our products. This is reflected in diverse awards and certifications:

  • We are the only manufacturer to receive a "very good" test result and win, in the first ever "oekotest" on down comforters ever carried out
  • All our products are Oekotex certified, tested through third party institutions not to emit any harmful substances - natural and sustainable products are simply clean and healthy
  • All natural fillings are Daunasan and Daunafresh certified, which reflects green and sustainable treatment and production processes
  • Investments into green and sustainable technology have helped us to stay globally competitive: Water recycling units are a significant investment - and now keep our cost low. 


Highest social standards - ALL over the world. It is imperative to us, that our green investment is not carried out at the expense of human rights and social standards of our employees and partners. We have therefore joined the Business Social Compliance Initiative, and all our facilities and sites are independently audited to meet a fair code of conduct. A more stable and commited workforce drives our quality and guarantees you a sustainable product and production, to improve our environment and "to improve our worker's environment":